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The Tripletex API is available as an app in Zapier.

At the moment, the app is only available to beta-users.

Join the beta program here

Contact Tripletex technical support for questions regarding the Zapier app.

Frequently asked questions

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool for connecting apps without having to code your own integration. Examples of these apps are Google Calendar, Slack, Mailchimp, and now Tripletex. Typical use-cases can be

  • Every time an event is created in Google Calendar, send me a message on Slack
  • Every time a tweet is sent on Twitter, add it as a row to a Google Sheet

What is possible with the Tripletex Zapier app?

At the moment, the Zapier app is focused on triggering events, rather than performing actions. This means that you may perform actions in other systems using triggers from Tripletex events, not the other way around.

Events are based on the webhook system, so everything available as webhooks will be available as Zapier triggers.

Example usages using the Tripletex app:

  • Every time a customer is created in Tripletex, send an e-mail from Mailchimp
  • Every time you receive a notification in Tripletex, send me a message on Slack

How do I get started?

Create an account on zapier.com and then join the beta-program!

Who do I ask for help?

Contact Tripletex technical support if you have any questions.


After you have join the beta program, you may search for “Tripletex” when creating a new Zapier zap.

Zapier Tripletex app when creating a new zap
  1. During setup, you are asked to connect your Tripletex account to Zapier. This requires you to set up an API token for the “Zapier” integration.
Zapier authentication dialog
  1. To get this token, you first need to verify that your company has the “API 2.0” module activated. This can be activated from “Our company account” under “Company”.
  1. Once the “API 2.0” module has been acivated, you may create API tokens from the “API Access” tab on your user profile.
  1. For Zapier, you need to specify “Adapted setup”, and then give the application name “Zapier” to create a valid token for the Zapier app.
  1. Once the employee token has been created, you may copy the value into the Zapier authentication dialog (from step 2) and proceed setting up your zap.
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