Immediate Attention Required: Major Tripletex API Upgrade to int64

Potential breaking change to current integrations using the Tripletex API

Hi developers!

On December 18th posting IDs will reach int32 MAX and you must take action if your implementation is using posting IDs.

We wanted to inform you about an upcoming change in our API that may impact your current data handling processes if you are using or referring to posting IDs in your implementation using the Tripletex API.
To accommodate larger datasets and ensure scalability, we will be transitioning from the current datatype int32 to int64 for all IDs. 

Effective immediately all IDs previously defined as int32 are now defined as int64 in our Swagger documentation. 

We understand that adapting to changes in datatype can have implications for your existing code and implementations. Therefore, we recommend you review your codebase and implementation using our Tripletex API to identify any potential areas that may be affected by this transition. Additionally, please update your documentation and communicate this change to relevant stakeholders within your team.

Other IDs will follow, however posting IDs will reach int32 MAX on December 18th.

Our Swagger documentation is updated to reflect this change.
Swagger documentation for our production environment:
Swagger documentation for our test environment:

The test environment on is updated to reflect this.
If you need a test account on that platform you can get one as described here:

Please keep in mind that this will also affect the events you receive as webhooks.

We will update this post if any other changes related to this arise.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this improvement to our API.