Important update regarding the product endpoint

UPDATE 07.03.23: The change is now in production.

UPDATE: This change did not work as expected and was rolled back. New date for this change will be announced as soon as possible.

Due to performance issues, we are introducing some changes to GET /v2/product and its ProductDTO. Starting from January 23. 2023. the field stockOfGoods will only be available on demand. This means that you, as a user of this endpoint, will need to specify this field in the fields parameter. Otherwise stockOfGoods will always be 0.

If you have a simple GET /v2/product, stockOfGoods will be 0 for all the products which this endpoint returns. If you however call GET /v2/product?fields=id,name,number,stockOfGoods instead, stockOfGoods will be calculated as before and nothing will change. /v2/product?fields=* (no stockOfGoods explicitly specified in fields) will also return stockOfGoods=0 starting from January 23. 2023.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our support form. This notification has also been sent out via e-mail to all technical contacts registered to existing consumer tokens in prod. If you have not received this notification please let us know via the form above. Please note that we can only register one contact per integration.