New endpoints available for standardTime

Hello devs!

Due to popular demand we have introduced some new endpoints in our API that are now ready in production. You can now fetch a company’s standard work hours!

This setting determines how many hours are set as the standard workday for the company. This can be overridden on a per-employee basis. The per employee value has already been available for some time in employee/standardTime, however the company settings have not been available until now.

You can find the new endpoints in salary/settings/standardTime. Use GET /salary/settings/standardTime/byDate to find the standardTime setting that is current for your given date (defaults to today) or use GET /salary/settings/standardTime/{id} to fetch it by ID. Any given company can have more than one standardTime object, but the one with the most recent date will always be current. You can use GET /salary/settings/standardTime to fetch all standardTime objects for the company. Once a new standardTime has been set the old ones (with older dates) are kept to keep old timesheets correct.

We have also added POST and PUT endpoints, if you need to change or create new standardTime objects. Keep in mind all these endpoints require your integration to have access to salary settings.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions regarding this via our contact form.