Tripletex Integration marketplace is now (soft) launched!

Finally, the day is here! Tripletex Integration Marketplace is now out for 20% of our customers to test the waters.

The Integration Marketplace is meant to simplify the process of retrieving the Customer Token and improve the customer journey when connecting to other systems. Let us be honest, the original process (which still works) is cumbersome. 

Our team and the first batch of integration partners have worked hard to make this launch happen and, hopefully, the Integration Marketplace will grow rapidly into a world class market place of apps.

How does it work for the customer?

From the menu on the left the users will now find a new menu point called “Integrations”.
Integration Marketplace is a marketplace with apps that the customer can activate.
By activating an app, the customer will be redirected to the integration partner’s page for login or sign up, ready to connect.

Behind the scenes, the integration partner will receive data, such as Company Name and ID, Organisation Number and Employee Token. This will be sent through the redirect link as a POST with form data in the request’s body (content type: text/html). It is very important that the customer is met with a landing page that helps them understand that the integration process has started.
See examples below.

Why should the integration partner join Tripletex Integration Marketplace? 

Why the heck not? No, seriously. We have to work together to create better customer experiences. It is crucial to pursue this goal if we want to stay relevant in the next few years.

Not convinced? Well, the Tripletex Integration Marketplace is also a great chance to expose your solution on the Tripletex platform – eventually, to all of our 78.000+ customers. This is a great marketing possibility, free of charge! Furthermore, Tripletex will actively recommend the apps which are in the Integration Marketplace in our dialogue with our customers.

Hopefully, this short sales pitch made you want to join the Integration Marketplace. Let’s work together.
Please contact our API Partner Manager,, for more information on how to get started. 

Updated 17.02.23: This post originally addressed the new marketplace as AppStore. Before full release the name was changed to Integration Marketplace. This post and the screenshots has been changed to reflect that.