Welcome to our brand new developer portal!

Hello, developers! And welcome to our brand new developer portal.

We have for quite some time had our documentation spread across our website, GitHub and other resources. With this new developer portal we aim to gather our FAQ, How-To and other documentation in our new Documentation page. GitHub will still be around (and also serve our changelog) as of the time of writing, but this page will be the most current and up to date resource for information, news and documentation regarding our API.

If you have any feedback that can improve this page, or any other suggestions, we would be more than happy to hear it, please get in touch!

We also have a new contact form where you can request support or report issues. Please note that as of 01.09.22 we no longer provide free support (service requests) to developers. If your inquiry is considered a service request (An issue that reading the documentation would help you solve, for instance) you will be charged at a rate of 1500 NOK per hour billed per started 30 mins. Reporting issues and other requests classified as “incidents” will not incur a charge. We always confirm this with you before we start any work that will result in a charge to you or your company. You may also provide feedback through the new form.