API Meetup 2022 – Summary and QnA

A picture showing the audience and presenters of Tripletex API meetup 2022.

Hello developers!

Last week we wrapped up our first in-person API meetup since covid hit, and we had a blast! We got a lot of very valuable feedback and had a great time meeting up with some of you. Thank you so much! For those of you who missed out – We hope to see you next time.

Here is a short recap of the day:

  • A new team was presented dedicated to supporting and furthering the development of Tripletex’ API: Tripletex Foreign Affairs.
  • An FAQ and feedback session was held.
  • A walkthrough of the scalability in Tripletex was presented where we talked about how we work with our backend to ensure that we handle all current and future traffic as smooth as we can.
  • We went over how to use fields and webhooks.
  • Simen from Bjerk.io presented their Tripletex client: https://github.com/bjerkio/tripletexjs
  • Jan from Katode showcased their integration with the Tripletex API for their factory production software.

During our FAQ and news-section we held a short Mentimeter-session where we asked the question “If you could control the development of our API for a day, what would you release?”. Since we got so much great feedback here we decided to do a little QnA here.

Customer price and discount matrix
This is currently in the works for GUI, no ETA currently but feedback that this is wanted via API is noted.

The ability to create paymentTyped via API
This suggestion has been reported to our developers.

Rent invoicing
This is not a feature we plan to implement at this time, but currently you can use subscription invoicing for this.

More lenient validations for imports/ability to skip issues that can not be solved from the outside.
We are not entirely sure if we understood this correctly, but currently we will not be able to have less strict validations due to the possibilities of errors “down the line” when an object needs to interact with other modules/endpoints.

Custom API data collections. Meaning the ability to store custom data within Tripletex.
This has been discussed before and our conclusion at that time was that this was not something we wish to support, however we will pick this back up and re evaluate this at a later time.

Better swagger files with stricter types, Sample of generated clients
This has been discussed previously. There are alternatives to Swagger but they do have some drawbacks and would require a lot of resources to “migrate”. Example clients is something we are looking in to. Meanwhile there is a project being developed by Bjerk.io mentioned above in the recap.

Improved versioning with either major version/date when something backwards incompatible happens
This will be noted to our devs, however we have no current plans to change how our version-parameter works.

Easily accessible overview and documentation for all webhook events
You can now find this in our FAQ-section.

KID-numbers on ledger/voucher/post
Due to how Tripletex is built a KID number can only exist on an outgoing invoice object, which makes this difficult to implement. If you have a specific scenario where this would be useful, please let us know!

Contact for companies
This has been noted to our developers.

Basis for invoicing of work orders
We do not have a dedicated feature for work orders as of today, but you may invoice hours connected to a billable project as of now.

More bulk-operations
We do love to simplify, so if you have any specific actions you would like to do in bulk that we do not currently support please let us know!

Filter to get hold of new, deleted and changed lines since X, where X is row version, timestamp etc. for all endpoints
This is something we would like to implement, but is a bit more complex to achieve in practice. We will continue to look into this.

Travel and expenditure integration for mileage reimbursement and taxation
This is already a part of Tripletex web, app and the API. Relevant endpoint is travelExpense.

Last changed (DateTime) on all endpoints
This can be fetched via fields. Specify fields=*,changes for instance, to fetch an object together with the changes made to the object.

Inactive-flag on contacts visible in the API
This is a part of GUI but not visible via the API. We have made a note of this to the relevant devteam.

Be able to access the voucher reception
This is available today, but very limited. You can access vouchers in the voucher reception via supplierInvoice, but you will only be able to do simple GET and PUT operations relating to voucher approval and fetching PDFs. You can also POST payments to existing invoices, but not create/upload new vouchers, for this you will need to create a voucher via ledger/voucher. Reach out if you have any input on what endpoints you would like to exist here.

Last changed on all endpoints.Webhooks
This is already available, see “Last changed (DateTime) on all endpoints” above.

Finish supplierInvoice endpoint (remaining payment!)

Similar request has been answered, see “Be able to access the voucher reception” above.

Be able to partially invoice an order
As of today you will need to create an order with the order lines you want to invoice, then do another POST order/orderLines to add the additional order lines that you are not invoicing. We have no current plans to change this but will make a note of this.

Showing User acccess and rights with employee token
We will check if this is something we can (are allowed to) expose via the API and forward this suggestion to our developers.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us, and hope to see more of you next year!