Update to invoice remarks (postpone reminder)

Hello developers!

Some time ago we introduced a new feature in GUI where customers no longer only set a note on an invoice to postpone automatic reminders etc. This change also introduced a date picker to indicate how long you would like to postpone any automatic reminders:

Until today this feature was not exposed to the API and only “old” notes were visible. Now we have introduced a new sub-object to the invoice endpoint where you can fetch this: “invoiceRemark” (old deprecated object was invoiceRemarks).

To fetch this data you need to use fields, since a call without this specified in fields will result in only the ID being returned. For instance, to fetch the invoice date, customer number and invoiceRemark you can use fields=invoiceDate,customer(customerNumber),invoiceRemark

The response will then look like this:

Please let us know if you have any questions.