AppStore is now called “Integrations”

Hi there, developers!

First off, “AppStore”, which is the marketplace for integrations, has now changed name to “Integrations” and has gotten its own menu point in Tripletex!

Secondly, “Integrations” is now available to all users that have API/Integrations activated in their subscription.

The name “AppStore” brought a bit of confusion as users associated it with Apple’s AppStore. This was unfortunate of course, however we changed the name and went for something simple – “Integrations”.
Users will now easily understand what to expect when they click this button in their menu.

We understand it might become a bit troublesome, when referring to this as “Integrations” orally. So our suggestion is to use “marketplace for integrations” or “the marketplace in Tripletex” in conversations.

If you want to read more regarding “Integrations” – please read this previous post.