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Debt collection (voucher status)

When debt collection is initiated on an invoice you should mark the invoice as debt collection.

This is achieved by posting a status on the voucher connected to the invoice. The status must be of type DEBT_COLLECTION and normally you would start with the status PROCESSING.

To be able to post voucher status on a client you need to have an api consumerid and you need to be registered in our api debt collector list.

You also need an employee token from the customer created for your api consumer.

VoucherStatuses are immutable to keep track of history internally. The latest voucherStatus is the one that is relevant to you and the one you get in the API. Therefore we use POST not UPDATE.

Error handling:
If a invoice is missing data or for some other reason you are not able to process the invoice, you should post a voucherStatus back with status ERROR and use the comment field to give a helpful message to the customer. When this is done the debt collection case will be deleted from our system, the customer will be notified and the comment will be shown to the customer.

Communicating with the customer:

The status field of the latest voucherStatus will be shown to the customer and comments from all voucherStatuses. You can use externalObjectUrl and referenceNumber to link to the case in your system.

Complete a debt collection with the status DONE.

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