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3. Getting ready for production

Once you have tested your integration in our test environment and planned out the scope of your integration it is time to think about progressing to production.

To gain access to the API in production you will need to send and application to us. This is a screening process and is mandatory for all integrators, even if the integration is for internal use only.

To apply for access to production you can fill out this form. Usually you will get a response within 2-3 weeks. We have no way to speed up this process for individual applications. The response will be sent to the e-mail address given as technical contact in the form.

In the approval e-mail you will find some basic info, consumer token and application name, and how to reach us. You can also find a link to a form where you can apply to have your integration published on Tripletex.no. If you do not get a response within the estimated time, or if you want to change your application name please contact us.

As soon as you receive your consumer token your end users can start using your integration by using “Adapted setup” when creating an employee token and providing your application name. They will also need to select to give the token all privileges, copy the users privileges or manually assign them. Your customers can find a how-to guide on how to do this in our help center.