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1. Creating a test account


  • The credentials your receive here will NOT work in production (tripletex.no). You will only be able to sign in and authenticate via the API/GUI of api.tripletex.io with these credentials. Production and test are to completely separate instances.
  • The API test environment does not have an e-mail server connected to it. This means that you can not add any other users or reset your password if you forget it. You can however change your password after signing in by going to My Profile. If you have lost access to your account you need to create a new one with a unique e-mail address as of the time of writing.

Creating a test account to explore the API is simple, all you need to do is to fill out this form. And follow the steps shown here:

Fill out your basic contact info. The e-mail address you add here will be your username in GUI.
Read and approve the ToS and confirm that you are not a robot.
When you reach this screen it is important that you make a record of both your tokens and username/password. We can not recover this information for you or reset your password!

Filling out this form gives you instant access to the API test environment at api.tripletex.io with a consumer- and employee token as well as a username and password. By default this account expires after 6 months, but you can extend this by contacting us. If you need a test account in production (only after you have received your consumer token in production, see Getting ready for production) you can contact us here.